4 Best Types of Hearing Protection

From working in the shop to out on the range, safety measures take all forms. To protecting toes, fingers, limbs, center-of-mass “vital organs” or the cranium (skull), there are things we can do to limit dangerous exposure to the elements.

Hearing is just one of these pieces or “senses” that need protection. Especially for the shooting sports and continued training for defensive purposes. The instant percussion or sound from a round going off in a firearm can cause immediate ringing in the unprotected ear.

According to HealthyHearing.com, “A gunshot produces a loud burst of sound, causing a concussive energy that rattles the eardrum, the little bones in the inner ear and the cochlea, a fluid-filled, snail-shaped organ with thousands of tiny hair-like structures that convert sounds from the outside world into electrical impulses the brain can understand.”

Shooter’s Ear is another topic some have heard (There is a dad joke in “hear” somewhere). On a serious note, this is where the ear opposite to the firearm is affected. “The shooting arm shoulder helps shield the blast from hitting the ear full force, causing more damage to hearing on the opposite side.”

What can we use to combat hearing loss, ear-ringing or “shooter’s ear” and limit concussive energy exposure? These are options we use and recommend:

Sordin Supreme PRO X

Sordin (Military Grade) are honestly the best type of hearing protection for the avid range shooter or the individual succumbing to constant, loud noise in the workplace. The dual-microphone and multiple amplification settings put Sordin Supreme PRO X on the top of the list.

AXIL GS Extreme Electronic Ear Buds & Noise Isolation

These are a newer style of ear protection that also include bluetooth capabilities. Lighter to carry and customizable ear pieces, AXIL GS Extreme Ear Buds are a great option for the individual in warmer climates and constantly on the move. Require agility for tactical training or in the workplace? Pick up the AXIL GS Extreme Ear Buds.

3M Peltor X1A Over-the-Head Ear Muffs

Simple, yet effective. These 3M Peltor X1A‘s don’t break the bank! This option is great for a backup, live fire class, or when getting down and dirty in the trenches. Long day at the range or in a noisy environment all day? Couple these bad boys with the Corded Ear Plugs.

Corded Ear Plugs

When all else fails or in a pinch for time/money, these silicon, corded and reusable ear plugs are last, but definitely not least. When out on the range or in a construction environment, the last thing we want is to be searching for ear protection. Lost earbuds in a pocket filled with tools/debris? Don’t risk loosing ear protection and having to scrounge up another pair. The Corded Ear Plugs will easily stow around your neck.

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