SeeAll Oversight for Springfield Hellcat OSP

Springfield Hellcat OSP – Equipped w/ SeeAll Oversight + Tritium

“SeeAll Sights can be labeled as the 21st Century Open Sight. Traditional iron sights require the user to look at two points, and then the target. SeeAll Sights take those two points, and make them appear as one. This point is also in focus with your down field target keeping everything clear for you.”

The SeeAll sight shipped in a solid, neon green case and safely nestled in gray foam. This kit also includes: two (2) Allen wrenches, two (2) set screws and placard with instructions. The website they provide guides installation and adjustments for zeroing in the delta optic.

Note: SeeAll doesn’t include Blue Threadlocker for the set screws and this is a step that shouldn’t be skipped. This protects the internal “female” threads on the firearm and threads on the set screw from corrosion. It also provides a medium hold on the set screws so they don’t back out due to vibration, slide movement and recoil.

Top View

SeeAll notes that these sights are “zeroed” at the factory and only minor adjustments are required out-of-the-box. From our experience, this was definitely the case, but would still suggest taking the time for proper alignment. This sight also comes in two versions: with or without Tritium. Honestly, would suggest getting the Tritium upgrade. The sight stays illuminated all night and the best part, don’t need batteries. Yes, the front sight on the Hellcat includes tritium, but the SeeAll displays a bright green block with the prominent Delta triangle. Hard to miss this. It especially helps locate the firearm in a pitch black room. With both the SeeAll and front sight illuminated, can quickly determine where and what direction the firearm is facing. Bonus!

Sight View

As stated by SeeAll, “Using the point of a Delta, tight groups become easy. Traditional iron sight, and red dots are commonly sighted in to be covering the area you want to hit. This grows as the distance increases. SeeAll Sights will always have a pin point to aim off of no matter the distance!”

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