Countering the Mass Shooter Threat – Full Course / per student


Countering the Mass Shooter Threat – Full Course


In this 6 hour Full Course, we’ll have a deeper discussion/hands-on practice with Countering the Mass Shooter Threat.

Topics will include:

  • Mass Shootings by the Numbers
  • Would Reducing Magazine Capacity Work?
  • Would Banning AR-15s or Other Firearms Work?
  • Do Gun-Free Zones Help or Hurt?
  • Does Victim Response Make a Difference?
  • What Are Universal Background Checks, and Would They Stop Mass Shootings?
  • What About Terrorist Watch Lists and the No-fly List?
  • Know the Signs
  • Create an Emergency Operations Plan
  • Special Considerations for Schools
  • Special Considerations for Houses of Worship
  • Run, Hide or Fight
  • Triage and Treat the Wounded
  • Eliminate Gun-Free Zones
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
  • The Real Rate of Fire
  • Proposed Solutions
  • Q & A


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