Women’s Self-Defense Training Growing in MN, USA

All Women’s Permit to Carry Class

According to U.S. News, over 5.1 million second amendment supporters became new gun owners between Jan 2020 and April 2021. The “pandemic” and the surge of crime, from defunding the police, was a major contributor. Also, U.S. Governmental overreach was witnessed by every-single-citizen on a massive level. The federal government down to our local communities, families and small businesses were impacted financially, physically and mentally.

Above all this, Nomadlund Outfitters had a chance to be a part of an amazing movement. All thanks to partnering with Pivotal Defense and the amazing women taking part in a private, Permit to Carry and Self-Defense course in Delano, Minnesota.

Secondly, we all fear the unknown and the same is true for firearm ownership. For example, the fear of walking to the car at night can be diminished through proper protection. What bridges the gap between fear and being a responsible firearm owner is education.

Certainly, the biggest eye opener that one of our students, in her 60’s, joined us with such anxiety and shaking from the nerves. She never held or shot a gun, ever. This type of nervousness is honestly expected from all new gun owners.

Most importantly, as the class progressed (with a lot of laughs) , the nervousness subsided. Yes, there’s a strict curriculum we follow, but having the private open-discussion, in a stress free environment, is key for this amazing segment of new gun owners, women.

In conclusion, let’s take a second to celebrate the movement of women empowerment through education and self-defense.

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