One of the Most Useful Survival Kit Items

This may come as a surprise, but every single person reading this has access to this useful survival kit item. With no cheating, guess the item with the least amount of hints or clues. We have listed the top survival uses for this specific item below.

  1. Tourniquet – By folding this item 2-3″ wide, wrap it 3-4″ above or below the wound, but not on a joint. A stick or pen can be used to tighten and if available, use the included jaw string to hold the stick or pen in place. (Take our Emergency First Aid course to learn more.)
  2. Shower – By filling the item with clean water, tie it to a tree or fixture overhead. Take a pen or stick to poke a couple small holes to let water out. Can use rubber bands to temporarily close holes to preserve water.
  3. Sucking Chest Wound Seal – If a puncture wound is showing signs of a sucking chest wound, simply cut the item into a 4″x4″ square, place over the wound and tape three sides with a waterproof tape. (Our Emergency First Aid course includes this.)
  4. Waterproof Bandages – As introduced above, you can cut this item and use as a cover to protect any wound from further infection. Use waterproof tape to seal and protect the wound for an extended period of time.
  5. Splint Tie – If we don’t have access to a SAM Splint, we can use a solid branch, tent poles, etc. Use this item to affix the splint and hold in place. (Take our Emergency First Aid course to learn more.)
  6. Sling – By cutting this item in half, diagonally from corner to corner, we have access to 4 triangular splints. This also can be used for many other first aid emergencies.
  7. Hypothermia Prevention – With this use, we want to rapidly increase the body temperature by insulting and using the heat the body produces. Remove damp or wet clothing and wrap skin with this item to insulate the body. This will help increase the body’s core temperature.
  8. Insulation – Need a little extra warmth on a hike or camping trip? Use this item as long underwear to hold in precious body warmth. Affix with the use of waterproof tape.
  9. Parka – This item can be cut and placed over the body to keep necessary gear dry. Keeping dry, especially for long, outdoor activities is crucial for warmth and to help limit many other injuries.
  10. Gear Cover – Keeping a backpack with food rations or medical kits dry is critical. This could create a life or death situation real quick if critical gear is soaked. Use this to safety protect gear from the elements.
  11. Shoe Covers – As stated above, for long hikes or travels on foot, we want to keep dry and most importantly our feet. Soaked feet, in this condition, can cause many injuries that will immobile or completely stop the avid outdoorsmen.
  12. Pillow – Take this item and fill it with dry leaves or other soft, dry debris. It may not be a MyPillow, but it will keep you comfy and assist in being well rested in a harsh environment.
  13. Clothes Washer – Fill this item with non-potable water and a detergent/soap/disinfectant wipes on hand. Shake the bag and physically scrub clothes in bag to agitate the water. Rinse clothes and hang to dry.
  14. Floatation Device – Save crucial lung muscles and whip this item in a figure 8 motion, open side forward, and collect air. Close by tying the end. This will help keep a single person afloat. Be sure to not puncture or rupture during use. A pair of pants can also be used as an emergency floatation device.
  15. Fish Netting – Take a pen or stick and puncture holes about 3 to 4 inches apart so water can easily flow through, but doesn’t take away from the structural integrity.
  16. Food Bowl – If there is a stocking cap or other hat accessible, use this item as a liner.
  17. Trail Marker – At some point, going away from camp to find resources will be crucial. If needed, use this item to flag or mark so finding the way back will be an effortless task.
  18. SOS Signal or Flag – As a last resort, use this item to spell out SOS or as a flag to signal aircraft or any passing individuals on higher terrain. This item can also be used to block wind if a signal fire needs to be started.

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